San Juan Nutrition Project: Update #2

This week we were able to get measurements for most of our kids, so we can track their progress to see if they are improving.  To do this, we measure their height and weight every two weeks at the same time, using the same materials.  We try to be as accurate as possible, and measure down the tenth of the measurement, but when different volunteers are doing it, error can be made.

With that said, I am disappointed to say that the results have not been what we had hoped, with some of the children staying the same, or decreasing in weight over the past two weeks.  This can be accounted to many aspects outside of our control, but it’s still difficult to hear that the project you are working on isn’t reaching it’s full potential.  These results have provided me with even more incentive to search for different outlets to spread the word about good nutrition to the community, throughany way possible.  My partner and I are also going to try to attempt to talk to the families more about what their eating and food habits are like outside of the feeding program, because that is 2/3 of their diet for the day.  One of my goals is to get improvement from all of the kids before I leave, and I hope I will also be able to educate the nanays more about how to cook correctly for their kids.

Just in the time that I’ve been here, I have seen a definite improvement of the kids that come in each day and go to school after.  It is also important to note that this project has only been running for about 6 months, and change doesn’t happen overnight, so patience is key.

Here are some images of the weight in and height check:





One thought on “San Juan Nutrition Project: Update #2

  1. Hang in there, Lauren! You and Cam are a tremendously positive influence on these kids lives. You will see some improvement… Just like you said, patience is key!

    Love you and am so proud of you!!! Miss you, you tons, too!!

    XOXO Mom

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