A Day in the Life

Now that I’ve been here for a bit, I feel like the best way to show you exactly what I’ve been doing is to show you exactly what I’m doing, via photos and a timeline.  So here is what I did today:

6 AM – Wake up and get ready

6:15 AM – Breakfast with Pamela (This usually consists of a mango, and then two bread/carb options; today we had a mango, slice of pizza, and bread roll with peanut butter)

6:30 AM – Meet my other partners under the arch to leave

6:45 AM – Catch our first jeepney from Tacloban to Palo

7:15 AM – Arrive at Palo Public Market, and buy food for the meal we would cook later on

IMG_4363 IMG_4372IMG_4374




7:45 AM – Catch our second jeepney from Palo to Santa Fe

8: 10 AM – Takea motor bike from Santa Fe to our nutrition project (they are BEYOND fun to ride, sorry mom!)


8:25 AM – Arrive at the San Juan Nutrition Project with the food, and prepare the meal for the kids

IMG_4386 IMG_4391 IMG_4392 IMG_4381 IMG_4379 IMG_4377

9:30- 10:30 AM Serve the kids the food, and clean up

IMG_4388 IMG_4394

(10:30 AM Usually we leave at this time, but today we had to talk to the principal of the school and the captain of the barangay about the upcoming nutrition seminar my friend Cam and I are putting on. These are also other pictures of the communal garden from around the feeding project area.)

IMG_2419 IMG_2418

10:45 AM – Catch a motor bike back to Santa Fe

11 AM – Catch a jeepney from Santa Fe to Robinsons Mall

11:45 AM – Arrive at Robinsons  Mall and eat lunch with my partners

12:30 PM – Walk back to office after placement

12:45-6 We have free time to do whatever we wish now. For example, we go to the gym, work on upcoming projects, take a nap, shower, go shopping at the Mall, go on the internet, plan trips for the weekend, play at the orphanage…etc)

6:15 PM – Dinner with Pamela (Our nanay provides us with dinner every night, and just the volunteers eat together, not with the family.  A normal dinner is usually comprised of rice, a mango, and three main dishes.  Some past main dishes I have had are soup, okra, sweet and sour fish, chicken, sweetpork, shrimp, veggie omelets.)


7 PM – After dinner, we have more free time to do as we wish.  During this time the center is closed, so we usually go and hang out at Cafe Lucias (an internet cafe), go to the movies, go shopping, or hang out at home.  Recently, I have continued to be jet lagged, so if I’m not going out of the house I will usually go to bed around 9.  I’m also not used to waking up this early, so adjusting to that on top of the jet lag is problematic as well.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, it’s been a great week so far!


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. LOVE the pictures!!! If you can, send pictures of your homestay and family/roommate. Also would love to see pictures of the jeepney, mall, internet cafe…. the “town” / “city” where you’re spending your time. And…don’t crash on those motorcycles!!! No helmets…ugh!

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